What Should You do Before Learning SEO?

What Should You do Before Learning SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically what you learn. Many people say that I will learn SEO, I will earn income by learning SEO. So today I will discuss about what you will do to learn SEO. Now let’s talk about what we mean by search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine or SEO is a means of work, through which it is very easy to come up in the ranking of various or other search engines. When we search for information on a topic in Google or any other search engine or by typing a keyword. Then it is seen that the first ten websites show up.

For example, if I talk about Google, Google is a search engine. Here we can search for any information or information we need. And the database that Google has and the websites that are in this database, we are interested in this website or the kind of information that we want to know the related information that Google shows us.

Here you will see that when you search by typing something, they are showing a lot of information, a lot of websites. However, it is seen here that the top ten results show here first. Google shows us the search results every ten hours on every page.

Page Ranking

If you go to the next page, go to the next page, go to the page 1,2,3,4,5 and you will see that they are all providing the same information that you have searched on Google for information. Now the question is why Google is showing the first 10 results, these 10 results first.

Of course, Google has some conditions that those websites are working in accordance with the conditions. And Google thinks these sites are providing the best quality information and that’s why Google is showing those ten websites on the front page. But the other sites that are in the next serial are also giving the same kind of information.

Organic Traffic

This is the benefit of coming to the first ten serials. Well the benefit is basically they are getting organic traffic. There are two types of traffic one is organic traffic and the other is paid traffic. Paid traffic is how you spend money to bring visitors to your site. This is paid traffic, which means bringing traffic by spending money.

And what is organic traffic? Organic traffic means that your page will be ranked in different search engines and organic traffic will come to your site which means you don’t have to spend any money for this. Well now the thing is that the ten web sites on the first page of Google are showing Google what conditions they are following Google.

SEO Course

These issues are known as search engine optimization or working accordingly is search engine optimization. It is easy to understand that search engine optimization (SEO) is the optimization of what is optimized. Now many people want to know how I can earn income by doing SEO course.

Now let’s see if you know about SEO or search engine optimization from any website, or any video or your friends or any big brother. And after knowing this, you see that search engine optimization can be learned from various institutes and by learning it, money can be earned.

Many are advertising these subjects and many are doing courses. One thing many people don’t say or many people don’t know is that when you work with search engine optimization, it will cost you a lot of money back in day to do this work. The only way to earn money is to learn search engine optimization.

Generate Income

Learn search engine optimization to get you started. And there are two options to do this. One is to be a freelancer and the other is to be a marketer or if you want to work individually, that is, grow your own assets. You can generate income in two ways.

Now the point of freelancing is that you have learned search engine optimization (SEO-SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) then in which marketplace you will beat bit by bit you will find different projects in the marketplace. After beating those, which client will give you the job, you will do the work of the client as opposed to the client will pay you for his work.

Affiliate Marketing

The second option is that you do something as a marketer or individually. So there are a lot of issues involved here. For example, when you think about e-search engine optimization, first of all you have to have a website, you have to have a good idea about affiliate marketing.

If you do not have an affiliate then you need to have an idea about Google Adsense. This means that it is important to have your ideas on several issues. Now you see that learning search engine optimization is the only way to earn income. Here’s what you need to do – you have to make a nice choice, you need to learn how to do word research, you need to make a website related to this, to make a website you need a domain, you need hosting

Website Content

Domain and hosting will not be a free website. For example, Weeks.com or Blogspot.com. It will not be free with anything. It will take a commercial domain, it will cost you 12-14 dollars to buy this domain. The cost of hosting will be at least 25-30 dollars. Then you will need content on your website.

You are learning search engine optimization but there is no benefit if there is no content on your site. Now you need content on your website. Content writing is a difficult task. Because we are usually not so good at English that we want good quality I can write some articles.

And so we have to hire someone else to write the article. Now if you want to write a good quality article in 600-700 words then your cost will be like 8-10 dollars. A site has to have at least 25-30 articles. Now if you want to write 25 articles and if it costs 10 for each article.

Professional Theme

Then your cost there will be at least 250. The average cost for your domain and hosting is  50. Then it’s  300. You will need a professional theme. And the theme will cost you at least  50-60. If you can customize that theme yourself then it is good.

And if you have to customize with someone else, then your cost will be at least 100 dollars. You may then need some paid plugins to customize your site and you may have to spend another  50 for the plugin. Now it will be seen that all in all it will cost you about  500.

Invest Money

Also learn search engine optimization but you will not get any benefit. But yes if you work in different marketplaces That’s different. That means you learn search engine optimization and you have to invest some more money. But I don’t think you need to take a course or study at an institute to learn search engine optimization.

Because if you want, you can learn the basics of this search engine optimization by visiting different websites or watching different videos on YouTube. However, there are some secret tips and tricks that you can take the help of a search engine optimization expert. Now that you know all these things you can work for your website.

Earn Money

Now when you start working on a website you spend 500. And with that comes the knowledge of affiliate marketing, the knowledge of Google Adsense. Otherwise what is the benefit of learning your search engine optimization? Because you have to earn money.

And you have learned search engine optimization to earn money. There are different ways to earn money I’m not going to talk about that. I’m just trying to convince you that search engine optimization is a very common thing. This is what you have to learn. However, it is not that you can generate income just by learning search engine optimization.

You built your website at a cost of 500. Then you have to start working for its search engine optimization. You will do on-page SEO will do off-page SEO. According to this, it will take you 6 months to 1 year to bring your website to a good level or to bring it in the ranking.

Improve Your Site

But there is no guarantee that you will be able to come in the ranking. Because Google always changes their algorithms. Now when Google is changing the algorithm, it is seen that there is a lot more new things being added to the things that you know, then you also need to know about those things. Knowing those things, then you have to improve your site again.

That’s why knowing search engine optimization is a big deal. However, you can only earn income by learning search engine optimization, but not. If your thinking is that I will be admitted to an institute and do a course in search engine optimization, then I will earn income, but you will not be able to do that.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. You need to think about these things first. After considering these issues, you will decide whether you want to work with search engine optimization or not.

If you want to make money online, you must know about search engine optimization. However, you have to keep in mind the investing issues, including the challenging parts. Many people say that I will learn search engine optimization and earn money.

I would say that search engine optimization is the only way to earn money. But learn that if you work with your website then you can get organic traffic through which traffic will come to your site and from there you can earn money. Can’t make any income directly.

So this was today’s discussion. I hope you like it. You have learned something and if so, why is it so late? Share the link now. And if you have any opinion, write in the comment box.