Web Designer Part - 03

What Should You Learn to be a Web Designer? Part – 03

What to learn?

Now let us know what you can learn to design the web or become a designer. This question comes to the minds of many, especially those who are brand new. Various confusions work between them. What I will learn first, if I learn what I can do web design, much more. Here are the things you need to know to design a web:

  • HTML
  • CSS


HTML is a hypertext markup language. But it is not a programming language. How many electronic documents are created with the help of this, which is called web page and this web page we see on the website. Suppose you build a house with everything you need, such as bricks, sand, cement, etc. But with these you can lift the house. This is exactly how web pages are structured with HTML and how many tags are used to do this. For example, if you write something, you have to use <p> </p>.


CSS is a cascade style seat that makes your web page look beautiful. Remember that house? After building the house you can paint to make it look beautiful, you can put the doors and windows in the right place. And this is what CSS does for your web page. Then it is not like the house was built, just like the web page with HTML, but to make it beautiful, you must use CSS.


JavaScript is a scripting programming language that allows you to easily perform some difficult tasks on your web page. That you built the house, painted everything, then what is left? Do you take electricity in your house? As soon as the switch is turned on, the fan starts turning. These are some of the functional tasks that JavaScript does.

If you think you will learn or are learning web design but do not understand what to learn, learn these 3 things above, no one can stop you from becoming a web designer. In today’s age of technology everything has a website now and everything is being done on the web. Web design can be a very good work place if you can be a good designer. Because if you do a little research, you will understand that the demand for web design is much higher and is increasing day by day.

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