Web Designer Part - 02

What Should You Learn to be a Web Designer? Part – 02

What is design?

Web design is, to put it simply, the process of creating a website. Simply put, what we see on a website on the Internet is web design. What would a website look like, what colors would the user like, or what would look good in a place, if you could do all these together, you could be a web designer.

But how to do all this? If you want to do all this, you have to learn a little, you will find a description below. Before that let’s take a little more idea about web design. There are several elements to web design. E.g:-


How you want to display a website, where an item will be located, such as a menu bar, text or any other element that is on your website, is exactly what the layout is. It can also tell your customer or client or you can do as you please.


The beauty of a website depends on choosing colors. The color should be chosen as per the customer’s choice. However, the choice of color depends on the purpose of the website and what kind of website.


Graphics are logos, images, icons, etc., which enhance the beauty of a website. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


No matter what web design you do, the front of the text you use on that web should be good. Because, different types of fonts make different websites beautiful. The style of the writings that will show the front.


Content is the message of the website. What you want to say is well articulated. The content of the website seems to be useful and important.

A good web design can be done easily by keeping these things in mind. Other things we need to know are:


Navigation is the menu bar we see on the website. Use navigation so that users can easily find or search all the topics on your website.


Multimedia means using video or animation, so that the user can easily understand your speech or message.

One more thing, if you don’t know, you have to make sure that the web design is done in such a way that it supports all browsers. I hope you understand what web design is, how to make a good web design.


Notepad, Webstagram are good software now.

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