What is Web Design? What Will You Learn? Why Learn?

What is Web Design? What Will You Learn? Why Learn?

Are you looking for freelancing or outsourcing? Millions of rupees income. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Friends, neighbors, relatives all say close your eyes and learn web design. Because it takes less time to learn easily. And a lot of money can be earned. Is all this true? Or are you being fanned with the new ball? Lots of love for those who already have extensive knowledge of web design and for those who are new to today’s discussion. So let’s start the discussion. Let’s find out at the beginning-

What is Web Design?

Web Design What is the important website we need to know before we know it? If we go to Google and search “What is a website” then we will see many results. And each result comes in the form of a link. If we click on those links, then all we see is a website. Suppose I did a search for “What is a website” and the first link that came up was Wikipedia. Here Wikipedia is but a website.

The funny thing is that we did a search on Google. Google is a search engine. But it is also a website. In a way, YouTube is a video-sharing website. Facebook is a social media website. In this way, after searching on Google, we get all the results, but only one website. Again, there are two types of websites – one static, one dynamic.

What is Static?

Static is one e-content for everyone. I mean, when I visit from Bangladesh, I can see the content, the person who is visiting from America can see the same content.

What is Dynamic?

Dynamic means a little different matter slightly. I mean, let’s say you can open a Facebook account, you can log in. When you log in, you can see all the information you have. Again when someone else is logging in he is getting all his information from his user. That means it’s not static at all, it’s the same for everyone. There is a different system for each person. This matter is dynamic.

Now it is better if we go back to the question of what is web design. Simply put, web design is about creating a static website. In other words, what a website will look like, what color will be used in it, where the banner will be, the technology that is used to create these different things is basically web design.

The front view of a website is what we see in web design and those who do web design work are called web designers. I don’t understand what web design is but why should I learn web design. Because this is a very simple thing now many people will go and it has become a very old trend. Not with some statistics before that.

Netcraft flashed a statistic in January 2019, stating that the number of websites worldwide is one billion. That means it has touched like one and a half crore. Again, one and a half crore. But the matter is serious. In this digital world, it now takes a website for all companies from small to large, medium. It even takes a website now for a person to create a portfolio of their own or to create an identity of their own. In the internet world, there is no benefit with visiting cards. It is a website but very important.

What does it Take to Learn Web Design?

There are basically three things you need to learn in web design – HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS (cascading style sheet), and Javascript. If you know or learn these three things well, then you can create any website in the world.

How Long Does it Take to Learn?

Wondering how long it would take to learn web design. As I said before, it is relatively straightforward. That means there is no need to spend too much time. In that case, a lot depends on the person, then three to four months but enough to learn web design.

And once you learn well, working in a freelancing career or in the local marketplace is not a very difficult thing as a web designer. And once you learn web design well, getting a job in a freelancing marketplace or in a local marketplace is not something that is very difficult.

Where to Learn

Now let me tell you where you will learn web design. If you go to Google (www.w3schools.com) and search, you will find a very beautiful website. Where HTML (HTML-hyper text markup language), CSS (CSS-cascading style sheet), And Javascript have been told step by step from a very basic level. You can easily learn this from there by practicing on your own. In addition, you can physically enroll in an organization and learn web design from there. There are many good institutes in Bangladesh for teaching web design.

This was our discussion of today at the topics. If you like the discussion. If there is even a little bit and you have learned then don’t forget to share the link. And if you have any opinion, you can let us know by writing it in the comment box below.

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