What is the current context of telecommunication engineering

What is the current context of telecommunication engineering

The world is now in the grip of keeping pace with the advancement of science and information technology and the contribution of telecommunication to modern civilization. In the current domestic context, the most expanding sector is the telecommunications sector.

As of 2006, it accounts for about 3 percent of the total economy. According to government estimates, about 10 million people are directly or indirectly involved. As a developing country, the scope of this sector in Bangladesh has grown so fast that the number of skilled engineers is insufficient. So a sure and bright future awaits the telecommunication engineers.

At present, great progress has been made in the telecommunication sector in Bangladesh. Mobile phone companies Grameenphone, Actel, Citycell, Banglalink, and public-private and phone companies BTTB, BTRC, Dhaka Phone – these companies have job opportunities as Assistant Engineers.

There has been a touch of change in this field of education as well. In addition to the general education system, the tide of technical education has come today. In this case, Daffodil Technical Institute is one of the educational institutions. All diploma courses conducted by DTI are training in theoretical, practical, and practical application, conducted by highly educated faculty and skilled lab instructors.

Courses include subject-based fieldwork visits every month and department-based industrial education trips per semester. In addition, there are opportunities for internships for students in the workplace and employment opportunities for students by creating a bridge between employers and job seekers through job fairs at the end of the course.

Keeping pace with the modern age, every student has the opportunity to get a free laptop to stay connected with the world through online / Google education. For all students, there are special discounts on course fees and student hostel arrangements adjacent to the institution. For admission, a student must pass SSC with a prescribed GPA of 2. Students with higher secondary certificates or failing higher secondary can also be admitted.