What is Telecommunication Technology?

Telecommunication Technology

Sending and receiving signals over a certain distance for communication is called telecommunication or telecom for short. Antonio Meucci, Alexander Graham Bell, Guglielmo, Marconi, John Ligia Board have started telecommunication with their hands and have reached their present state.

The Telecommunication Technology or Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering is a 4-year 6-semester based diploma course offered by the Bangladesh Board of Technical Education at various government and private polytechnic institutes.

The contribution of telecommunication in the digital world is now skyrocketing in line with the advancement of modern technology and ICT. The world is now in the grip of IT due to the contribution of IT including satellite, TV station, radio station, mobile phone, internet, radar. Advanced technology and digital satellite telecommunications have brought unprecedented change.

Jobs have been created in government and non-government companies including BTRC, BTCL, Bangladesh Submarine Cable, Meteorological Department, Optical Fiber Cable Company, TV and Radio Channels, Mobile Operators, Digital Marketing. These sectors need skilled telecommunication engineers.

At present, great progress has been made in the telecommunication sector in Bangladesh. Telecommunication has resulted in new job opportunities for engineers. Mobile companies such as Grameenphone, Actel, Citycell, Banglalink, and public/private and phone companies such as BTTB, BTRC, Dhaka Phone, Rangstel have job opportunities in these organizations and as Assistant Engineers.

Bangladesh TV Station Private TV Channels such as ATN Bangla, Channel I, Channel 24, NTV, etc. There are numerous job opportunities for engineers.

Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Railway, Bangladesh Meteorological Department, Radar Station, and Television Board of Television have job opportunities as Deputy Assistant Engineers.

There are enough posts for all public and private schools, colleges, madrasas, SSC Vocational Polytechnic Institute instructors, and communication labs in different labs.