What is Function of Computer Network?

Function of Computer Network

In today’s article, we will learn about computer networks and their uses and benefits. We will learn about what is meant by networks and the issues related to the history of networks.

In the past, when computers were not in vogue, letters send as a means of communication. People exchanged information through letters. Simply put, he would send information or news from one place to another.

But in those old days, exchanging information by letter was a very difficult task and it would have taken a lot of time or wasted.

Day after day, the letter would reach its destination. There were times when the letter did not reach the destination on time or it took a long time to reach.

Due to this, not being able to exchange information at the right time would have caused many errors in the communication system. The exchange of this information through letters is a kind of network.

The information here can mean a variety of things. For example- message, text, document, photo, video, audio can be anything. Nowadays, however, the exchange of information has become much easier.

Because, at present, we can easily exchange information at home through mobile phones, the Internet, social media. And this is modern networking.

Now we know what this computer network is all about.

What is a Computer Network?

You can easily understand what a computer network is if you try to understand it with your mind. Usually, if two computers connect to each other then it is also a network. If thousands of computers are connected to each other then it is also a network.

In this way, when computers connect to each other through a medium, they can exchange communication data between themselves. I am explaining the matter more clearly.

Millions of devices are connected to a computer network. And every computer device connected to the networks calls Node. The node requires a medium to connect to the computer network. [MECHANICAL ENGINEERS TO KNOW MUST]

The media can be either wireless or wireless. However, some of the more widely used media are infrared, twisted pair cable, satellite, coaxial cable, WiFi, cable, optical fiber, Bluetooth, etc.

In addition, various network devices are used. A network is a collection of different computers, servers, network devices, mainframes. From here, the work of data sharing is done.

For example, a simple example of a network is the Internet. The Internet is one of the busiest and most widely used computer networks in the world today.

Because, in the field of the internet, millions of computer devices connect to each other all over the world. And they share data among themselves.

Different network devices like modem, hub, router, switch are used more through these networks. Hope you can easily understand what is Computer Network.

What is the Function of Computer Network?

After knowing what a computer network is, let’s find out now what a computer network does. A computer network performs a variety of functions for the exchange of information. Below are some common tasks. A computer network requires to perform these tasks.

  • Communicate via email, instant messaging, video, etc.
  • In the field of file sharing from one computer device to another.
  • Sharing software and operating programs through different remote systems.
  • Facilitate network users to access and maintain various information and data.
  • In the field of sharing various devices like scanners, printers, and photocopiers.

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