What is Domain and Hosting

What is Domain and Hosting? Let’s see

‘What we are discussing today is domain and hosting? Domain and hosting is an old topic for most people in the online world who work online. However, the new is interested in knowing what domain and hosting are. I hope I can present the subject in a beautiful way.

What is a Domain?

First of all, let’s talk about the domain. Easy where a website name is called a domain. As we know, the URL of Facebook is Facebook.com (facebook.com). Here, the domain name of Facebook is Facebook, and dot com is an extension. In other words, the complete domain name is Facebook.com. Domain extensions will only be with dot com, that’s not the point.

Different websites use different types of extensions. For example, everyone uses the dot com extension for business or general use. Com is an acronym for Commercial.Org for organization site. .Net for networking sites. Info etc. for information sites. In addition, many more types of extension names are used.

What is Hosting?

This time let’s talk about hosting. You bought a domain, that is, you bought the name of the website. Once the domain is registered, your site will not be visible. In order to make your website visible, you need a place to store your files such as HTML, PHP, image, video, etc. You need to keep the contents of your website on a PC that will be online 24 hours a day.

Only when your site is hosted on a PC will your visitors be able to see your website. And the hosting companies provide this service. In other words, the hosting of a website is the space that a website will have. The more hosting space, the more content can be stored. Hosting is also called server. Sometimes it is also called a web server. An example illustrates the point of domain hosting.


Suppose you have a house, the house is on one acre of land, the address of the house is Mirpur: 12. In the case of websites, your home is your site’s content. Homeland is the hosting of your website. The home address is the domain of the website. Many people think that domain and hosting are one thing or two.

Basically, domain and hosting are two different things. You have to buy both separately. But usually, those who sell hosting also sell domains. If you want, you can buy two from the same company. If you want, you can also buy from different companies. However, my advice would be to purchase a domain and hosting from an e-company. This will be of great benefit to your website and hosting maintenance.

I have tried to explain the matter to you in a very simple way. I hope you do not fully understand the matter now. Also, if you have any comments, be sure to write in the comment box. And share it on all social media including Facebook and Twitter so that those who don’t know can know about it.