How to Make Money by Writing Content

How to Make Money by Writing Content?

Content Writer is one of the top successful freelancers in the world. If you want to be a freelancer or have done a little bit of freelancing before, then you have heard a little bit about content writing or article writing. Today’s discussion is for content writers only. If you want to be a successful freelancer as a content writer or if you want to earn money online by writing content at home then you should read this whole discussion today.

In today’s discussion, I want to tell you how to do it if you want to do content writing and what you need to know if you want to do content writing and what is content right? How to make money online? I will share this matter with you. Apart from this, I will share more with you at the end of the discussion. As a bonus tip, if you have no experience in content writing and if you want to learn more about content writing, I will tell you where and how to learn in Bangladesh. . I will share with you at the beginning.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is, when we go to a search engine and search by typing something, you will see that an article has come up in front of you with a topic or an article has come up, you can also call it a blog. There are different types of content, such as the video that is created and the content itself. To create a video, YouTuber has to write a title, create a thumbnail, create a picture of a thumbnail, write a description, and content is what YouTuber will talk about in the video. The video you see on YouTube is video content or visual content.

Content is the content that is meant by writing or writing an article or providing human information on a subject. Like the article you are reading now, the article I wrote for you is also content, I had to write a title to write this article, I had to make a thumbnail, and in this article, I will discuss everything with you. I am writing to present the article in front of you and that is the content.

The content you are reading now is article writing content. For example, if I go to Google and write, what was the reason for the war between Bangladesh and Pakistan in 1971 or between the then East Pakistan and West Pakistan? If I type it and do a Google search, then the titles that will come in front of me in serial form will have some article rankings at the top and some article rankings will be at the bottom, but the issues of this ranking fall in the content writing.

Content Writing for Megazines

I’ll come back later, I’ll explain to you what content writing is. The title that comes in front of you is every title but the title of one content. When you click on that title, information, data, data will come in front of you in the form of a blog. From there, the writer of that article has researched from different places and given you that information by knowing from his personal knowledge from different books.

Once you get there, you get some information. This is actually called content. And I have already shared with you the difference between this content. One is the visual content that you see in your video format and the other is the writing content. I am trying to say in very simple language. When you search, you see in different papers and magazines, these are but one content.

For example, by typing Bangladesh every day, many searches are done on Google from our Bangladesh. These are the different types of news in the daily newspapers of Bangladesh, but each one is an article. So I hope you understand what an article or content is. But if you have any comments or disagreements with me, don’t forget to leave your comments in the comment box.

Content Writing for Products

What are the platforms of content writing? I’m sharing to give you some ideas about that. When it comes to content writing, you can do it with history, you can do it with technology, you can do it with affiliate marketing, you can do it with articles on different products. If you want to give information to the person who will read the article, then you have to fully explain who this product is or the camera.

You can write an article about what this camera has, how many megapixel cameras it has, which lenses it can use and all the other features it has. In addition, you can write educational articles, pharmaceutical articles, sports, even if you have talent, you can write poems or stories.

Then you can publish your story or poem as content on different platforms article content. So I hope you understand about the article or content. There are different websites, there are different bloggers, there are articles on WordPress, But we do a Google search for our various needs and then read. So all these are one article at a time.

What is the future of Content Writing?

If you want to write an article about your future and career, you have to say a lot. If you want to make money by writing articles, then you can make money by any means. I share these with you. For example, the amount of money that can be earned by writing articles every year from Google Adsense or from various YouTube channels, but it is not possible to earn that amount of money.

I hope you understand. This means that a good content writer can earn more money through Google Adsense than a YouTuber. Then you understand that there is a good opportunity for Google Adsense and article writers. And those who know the article understand what I mean.

So if you have a website, a blogger, or a WordPress page, you monetize that page by filling out the terms of monetization through Google Adsense. You monetize that website or your blog by showing ads there. Able to earn.

In addition, there are marketplaces for writing articles all over the world or there are websites or systems where you can sell your content by writing your articles or you can earn a certain amount of dollars by uploading your content there.

Also, if you open an article writer account on such platforms as fiber (Fiverr), freelancer, Upwork, bid on those who hire writers from outside, once you get a few jobs, you can sit down with article writing You don’t have to stay. You can earn dollars by staying there, but the amount is much higher. In addition, you can open your own website, whether it is through Blogger or WordPress, if you want, you can earn income from here in article writing.

How to Write an Article?

How to write an article. You have been waiting so long for Jeter. When friends write an article, the first thing you need to do is give a title and that title must be interesting. Interesting means that if a person sees your article, he should click, that is, he should be forced to click. You have to give such a title. But of course, it shouldn’t be clickbait, meaning you have one in your title and another inside your content, but it won’t.

The first episode is one of the topics that comes after that. When we go to a bookstore to buy a book, we look at the first few pages of the book to see how the book is written or what we actually find in that book. Just like when we go to watch a video on YouTube, we only watch 1-2 minutes of that video, but we understand what this video is or how this video can actually be. There is such a thing as a first episode or impression when it comes to writing an article. If you can’t write the first part of your article well, but your article will not be good.

On-Page SEO

But SEO plays a very important role in content or article writing. If on-page SEO is not done properly in your article or in the content, then you will not be able to rank the article much, and those who have visitors will not be able to find your content. So you need to know more about this and then you have to take the field of content writing. Then you can do better.

This was our discussion today. If you like the article or you have learned a little bit, then share the article now without delay. So that those who are like you can know and learn things.

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