What is Blog Writing Rules, Techniques and Presentation

What is Blog Writing Rules, Techniques and Presentation

The topic of our discussion today is the rules and techniques of Blog writing. Today we will present a detailed discussion on how to write a blog, what to look for. Anyway, let’s start today’s discussion.

Before you write a blog, when you create a blog, you have to choose a topic when writing a blog. It turned out that in a blog you wrote about food and drink, you wrote about health, you wrote about hobbies and jobs, you wrote about animals, you wrote about real estate, you wrote about beauty and fitness, you wrote about business and industry, you wrote about finance.

Select one Subject

You have to choose any one subject. You write about food and drink, you write about health, you write about hobbies and jobs, you write about animals, you write about real estate, you write about beauty and fitness, you write about business and industry. Whether you write about finance or not, when you add Google (Google Adsense) or when Google publishes ads on your website or when Google gives you ads, the ads that come will show related food and drink related ads. .

Only then will you understand how important the subject is. Suppose a visitor comes to your website to read about food and drink and the visitor enters your website with a mindset. If he came to read about the food and drink of the visitor, if he read about health or any other subject, then what is the chance of clicking on the ads of that visitor, what do you think is 10-20 percent?

Now if that website shows any ads related to food and drink, then the chances of reading the ads that show there are 90-95 percent. This means that if you click on the ad on your website, then your income will come. Then you have to keep that thing in mind. When you select a blog topic, choose a topic. Many of us write a blog on three or four topics.

Related Issues Blog

I personally think I don’t think that’s right. You can write about those related issues. Food and drink related topics can be written about. But it seems that you are writing about food and drink, suddenly you are writing about business or you are starting to give beauty tips. But in that case it will not be good, in this case Google will be confused. Think about what the subject matter of your website is. Or many times it is seen that when a blogger writes a blog, he moves away from the purpose for which he started writing.

You are creating a blog to earn income, so you have to keep these things in mind. The topic of the blog is very important for the blog. You start writing about something you know well. It is my advice to write about any subject. For those who are blogging or who will be blogging, this is my advice to write about any one topic. This is the strategy.

Blog Strategies

Of course there are blog strategies. When you write about a topic, you must know the strategy of the blog. Let me tell you a little bit about retaining visitors to the blog. Suppose I am writing a blog, there I am writing a blog about how to make money online. So I’m talking about different things. Suppose I am discussing a topic on how you can earn income by surveying.

Along with that discussion I am discussing more how you can make income by freelancing. So in those discussions I have to create some posts so that the visitors are converted on that topic. As online income is the main topic of my discussion, many people came to read it. Along with this I am writing about how you should learn freelancing or how you should learn.

Freelancing Course

I have given there a link to another post that is currently freelancing courses or popular works. So what will happen in this case? When a visitor reads your article about freelancing, how to earn money by freelancing. And when you have this post here that the current courses or popular works of freelancing then the chances of that visitor being converted to that page is much higher.

Because the visitor is reading about freelancing, it means that he is interested in learning about freelancing. So if you give the visitor another common topic of current courses or popular works, then the visitor will go to that page. When you write an article, it should be of two types. If you do a kind of search on Google, that text will come to the fore, but one type of writing is that all your posts will come up in the Google search results.

It is never possible. It turns out that if you have 50 posts on your website, then 10 of them will come in your search results and the rest of the posts will not come. In that case you have to decide how to convert visitors to the remaining 40 posts. This is a good thing to keep visitors at the site. There are many more things you need to know by researching.

Blog Writing Rules

You need to know the rules of blogging. The rules of blog writing are very important. You already know how to write a blog You have to keep thinking. It’s not like you started writing and you wrote as you wished. If you write like this But it won’t. So you need to know the rules of writing, how to write a blog.

Necessary Links and Pictures

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about a blog. Don’t do this. The issue of links comes up from time to time but the issue of pictures is that I would say that before writing a blog, you select a picture on your desktop. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to waste time selecting pictures next time.

Blog Presentation

It’s one thing. The point of presenting a blog is that I started writing a blog as soon as I started writing.
So first of all I will start with what, where to start or how to discuss in detail one by one but it is a huge issue of blog presentation. Because, look, one thing we all know is that First Impressions – Last Impressions.

When presenting a blog will be good for you, but visitors will be interested to read it. And if the presentation of your blog is not good. Then your visitors will lose interest in reading the blog. There is one more thing here, not all types of blogs can be written in one style. Not the same style for all types of blogs. You need to use different styles for different types of blogs.

Last Word of the Blog

This is an important issue. It was seen that in a blog, the visitor turned the whole page, read the blog and after reading, he did not share your blog anywhere or it is seen that he did not comment. In that case it is your loss. Or he didn’t tell any of his other close friends that the blog was good, there is something to learn, then it’s a loss for you.

The last words of the blog should be such that the words are written from the bottom of the heart. I think the last words of the blog should be like this. In this case, visitors will be inspired or encouraged to share your blog. So I think the last words of the blog should be good.

So today was my discussion. And if you can learn a line from this discussion, that is the selfishness of my writing.
So share the blog with your friends or acquaintances so that they too can learn some things from here.

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