Telecommunication: How BTRC Will Monitor Mobile Service

Telecommunication How BTRC Will Monitor Mobile Service
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The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Bangladesh (BTRC) has taken initiative to set up a monitoring system to monitor the quality of mobile services and monitor the activities of the operators in the wake of complaints about various services of mobile operators in Bangladesh.

To this end, an agreement has been signed with an international organization based in Canada to purchase equipment. Bangladesh is buying this equipment at a cost of Tk 77.65 crore.

The company will then set up a telecom monitoring system within 180 days.

After signing the agreement, Bangladesh’s Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Mostafa Jabbar said, “The introduction of a new telecommunication monitoring system will make it possible to find out the weaknesses in the telecom sector.”

What are the benefits of this technology?

In a press release, BTRC said that the establishment of this infrastructure will have many benefits in monitoring the quality of mobile services in Bangladesh.

Posts and Telecommunications Minister Mostafa Jabbar said, “There are questions in the minds of the people about the quality of service of mobile operators. We have been monitoring the issues of maintaining quality. But without the help of technology, it is impossible to accomplish this task perfectly. That’s why we’re using technology. ”

BTRC Chairman Shyam Sundar Sikder told BBC Bangla, “Our database will be connected to every mobile operator. The services they have will also be connected to our technology to monitor them. We will be able to monitor everything from voice calls and SMS from here.” . ”

“I can see the quality as well. I can see everything from internet speed to network,” he said.

He said: “We don’t have to manually ask them for that information now, we will get that information automatically from here. As a result, we will get instant access to the information they share with us including revenue sharing through this system. Will act as tools. ”

According to the BTRC, the quality of service of the network can be more accurately verified through live monitoring of the network of mobile operators. With that, the real status of customer service will be known.

It will be possible to immediately verify the actual condition of the telecommunication network, especially in urban areas as well as in rural areas, islands, haor-bars, coastal areas, and remote areas.

It will be possible to verify whether the tariffs that the mobile operators are actually implementing are harming the customers in any way and whether these packages are approved by BTRC.

At the same time, the complaints of the customers can be settled easily.

What is BTRC doing about customer service quality?

BTRC Chairman Shyam Sundar Sikder says, “When they (mobile operators) find any problem, we can tell them that you have fault here, the quality is bad here, you go for immediate action.”

“Now many people from all over the country are making various complaints. We can’t actually visualize them. But with it we can understand and see. Even if we don’t complain, we will understand, “he said.

Mr. Sikder said that two committees have been formed recently to resolve the complaints regarding mobile services. After receiving their report, action will be taken in these matters.

What are the mobile operators saying?

The initiative to monitor the quality of mobile services is welcomed by the Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB).

Brigadier General (retd) SM Farhad, secretary-general of the company, told BBC Bangla, “Mobile operators welcome the initiative of BTRC or the government to set up this monitoring system. The more transparently any sector is monitored, the better the quality of service will be.

At different times in Bangladesh, consumers are complaining about the quality and tariff of mobile services. BTRC has also formed a committee to resolve these issues.

But why can’t mobile operators fully guarantee the quality of customer service?

About the tariff, the British company only quoted Farhad claims that Bangladesh is one of the countries with the lowest tariff.

“We also applaud the committee that BTRC has recently formed. The quality of our mobile internet service is not as bad as it used to be. But there is room for improvement. ”

SM Farhad says, “We have more people using the internet in fewer areas here, so we need a lot more waves, which the operators do not have. Operators buy the waves as soon as the government allocates them. Moreover, the price of waves in our country is comparatively the highest in the world. Even the highest tax. But the price of the service is again the lowest.

” Besides, there are a lot of technical issues — for example, there are a lot more middlemen in terms of service delivery. Operators can’t lay fiber themselves, can’t install towers, have to buy bulk internet from another company. Also at different times, new guidelines have to be changed in the investment plan to provide better services to the operators. We hope the government will come forward to address these issues, “said Mr. Farhad.