Star Health has come up with multiple health insurance plans

Star Health has come up with multiple health insurance plans

One of the main ways to save a family from the huge costs of medical treatment and hospitalization is through Star Health Insurance or Mediclaim.

Let’s find out about the different types of health insurance plans from Star Health.

(A) Senior Citizen Red Carpet (Senior Citizen Red Carpet): – This insurance plan is for citizens above 60 years of age. The benefit of this insurance will be available for 1 year for the pre-existing diseases. In this case, the amount of premium is also very low. Even at the age of 65, you have to pay only Rs 10,000 to get a 2 lakh sum insured.

(B) Family Health Optima (Family Health Optima): – This insurance plan will benefit the whole family with one policy. Triple Sum Insured is available here. Donor expenses for organ transplants can be obtained from this insurance.

(C) Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy (Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy): – This insurance plan will cover all the complications of diabetes from the first day. There will also be facilities for regular hospitalization in case of other elements or injuries.

(D) Young Star Plan (Young Star Plan): – One or the whole family can benefit from the Young Star Plan. Anyone under the age of 40 can take this policy. If you join this plan at the age of 35, you will get a 10% premium discount for life after 40 years. There are also pre-and post-hospitalization treatment benefits and maternity benefits. The No Claim Bonus will increase by a maximum of 100% by 25%.

Star Health has also come up with insurance for the costly treatment of cancer patients. There is also insurance for children.

The cost of treatment for cancer patients is about 7.6 lakhs, the cost of treatment for heart disease is about 9.7 lakhs, and the cost of treatment for liver transplant is about 25.5 lakhs, the cost of treatment for a kidney transplant is about 8.5 lakhs. In all these cases, the cost is borne by Star Health Insurance.

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Why do Star Health Insurance?

There is no TPA in this insurance, in-house claim settlement, faster and hassle-free claim settlement will be available.
Star Health Insurance network is spread over more than 11000 hospitals across India.

  • Lifetime renewal benefits.
  • A free medical checkup facility is also available.
  • Has the advantage of automatic restoration.
  • Free medical consultation facility is available by phone.
  • Out-patient treatment benefits and maternity benefits are also available.
  • Contact your Insurance Advisor to avail of these insurance plans from Star Health.

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