How To Make Millions Money With WordPress

How To Make Millions Money With WordPress

If you want to build a career online but do not understand exactly what job you are learning or working with, you will find more attention in online career. That means something demanding. If you are in the right place, this discussion is for you. Let’s get started wordpress.

WordPress is one of the most sought after items in the online world. But what is WordPress? WordPress(WP) is basically a CMS which is called content management system. Simply put, the content of the website can be easily managed through that system.

Managing WordPress is so straightforward that anyone can manage their own WordPress website without any kind of programming knowledge. You may be surprised to know that 35% of all online websites are made by WordPress.

This is true even if it seems unbelievable. Besides, the websites of many famous brands of the world are also made with WP . For example – BBC America, MTV News, Bata and many more. The fact is that the popularity of WordPress. So there is a lot of demand for WordPress theme developers in the market.

Mac, co-founder of WordPress, says  50 per hour is a medium rate for WP  theme developers. Some very high level or medium level rate is ৫০ 50 per hour. According to, a client spends anywhere from 3 thousand to  15,000 to build a website of their own.

Simplee Hard says that the average income of a WP  theme developer can be 83,092 thousand . And there are many marketplaces where freelancing of WP  can be done – there are many marketplaces like Fiber, Up Work, People Per Haver, where you can do freelancing with WordPress if you want.

I got an idea about the freelance career of WordPress. Let’s see how royalty income can be developed by developing WordPress theme. This means that after the way the poets and literary artists used to create something, an income would come to each cell.

Just by developing a WordPress theme and just like that a royalty income can be generated. How is that? Suppose I developed a theme, after developing the theme, the WP theme is sold in a marketplace where I submit and if they approve. Then every time the theme is sold, I will generate an income.

One such market is Themeforest. When it comes to theme forest, there is only one thing to say. Themeforest has a lot of WP themes with over 1 million sales. recently released a statistic stating that 25% of their WP themes earn  2,500 a month. Sounds incredible but that’s the truth.

By learning WP you can do freelancing, earn royalty income as well as make your debut as an entrepreneur. How is that possible? Suppose you outsourced a lot of work from the local market or international market or completed it with a local developer and submitted it to the client on time. In this way an identity of one’s own company or one’s own can be created. So it’s a matter of interest.

Learning WordPress is going to be freelancing, earning a royalty income as well as making an debut as an entrepreneur. The funny thing is that there is so much to do with WordPress, which means that there is so much that can be done by learning WordPress, but learning is not difficult at all. If a person wants to practice for just three to four hours every day for six months, then WordPress (WP) will be within reach.

Here’s how to learn WP. If you go to Google or YouTube and search for How to learn WP, you will come across all the great resources.

This was today’s discussion. I hope you like it. You have learned something and if so, why is it so late to share the link now. And if you have any opinion, write in the comment box.