Learn How to Fix Low Value Content

Learn How to Fix Low Value Content

Let’s not know exactly why your site is not being approved for monetization- How to Fix Low Value Content.
First of all, the thing that comes to mind is content. Well, suppose someone is invited as a guest to a wedding held somewhere, he attends there. Although the bride and groom are the centerpiece of the ceremony, everyone’s attention is drawn to the right food. If the quality and taste of the food is good, he forgets about the bride and groom unknowingly and presents the food as the main thing.

And in the same way, in the case of your website, you have also arranged the site in a neat way. He spent a lot of time behind this design but never looked back at the content. What happens then?

Don’t hire cheap content writers

Many people buy content by hiring a content writer at a cheap price, but nothing happens as a result. Is it possible to go ahead if you give this nonsense content site again? It never is. Try it either with a professional or on your own. Maybe one day all the impossible will become possible with you.

Do not publish translated articles

Again, many people could not write the content on their own, but Bangla to English again, English to Bengali posted. However, in this case, the spelling and the meaning of the post you have translated are not correct. Although the pluginism tool is unique to check with the checker. And with that in mind, many begin to think she’s pregnant. What does unique content really mean? If you have little idea about this, then avoid the subject of translation.

Exclude the translated article

Many people start translating articles if they can’t write them themselves. Due to which the low value content is removed as a result of copying and pasting without keeping it straight. This problem is acute because it is not meaningful. You see, many Bengali sites put Google Translate on their portal so that a visitor can see the same content in Bengali, English, Hindi and other languages. Now if you copy and translate the same content, it will never be considered unique.

If someone has written the same subject before, skip that subject. If someone has written the same subject before you want to write about it, try to write something unique by excluding this subject. Then Google will give you value, it’s true.

Start working with unique content

The unique thing is that it is easier and more informative for you-me and anyone else to present it to the readers, so someone wrote about the same thing and I did it just like him. But it is not. Again those who have not written anything on any subject or object before but you have written it right can also be considered as unique. [HOW TO START SEO]

Make the article fully informative and useful

When writing an article, highlight the complete issues and processes. Use multiple hints and internal links if necessary. Try to keep the image unique along with the article. Choose the key word and start working well.

Try to bring organic traffic

Not social, let’s get some organic traffic from Google. Therefore, do your site articles with word base based on onpage SEO, off page SEO. Index articles with Sitemap in Google Search Console and wait for details. [BUILDING STRONG BACKLINK]

Increase the age of the website

Many people apply for AdSense at the beginning, don’t do it. Many people get AdSense quickly in this case. However, very few succeed. The bag of failure is heavy. So be patient. Let the traffic come. When AdSense is received in the new situation, the income is less, so many people give self-click on the ad again and persuade someone to click, as a result, they have to eat the ad limit in less than two days. Which you will never want. And new website application comes with low value. So keep giving good content for 2-3 months. Then you will slowly apply yourself.

Try writing large articles

Publish not only small content, but also large content of 800-1000+ words. That is not to say that you will write unnecessarily. Focus on the subject matter of the article. Then the value of the article will increase to the visitors and Google will also give extra priority. And yes, put 15-24 articles with minimum high quality on your site. Then apply to AdSense.

Index the article to Google

Articles are not just for publication. See what your site article has appeared on Google. How do you expect AdSense if Google doesn’t recognize your site’s articles? For this, work on indexing healthy enough content. This will increase the value of your site.

Avoid copying and pasting content

Be careful in publishing articles on the site. Exclude copy-paste with right-left du. Highlight what you know yourself. The fact that I wrote this article is completely self-explanatory, I know what I have heard, so I am writing. That is why copying cannot be done at all. Google is a very smart robot, it will catch your copied article.

One last thing to keep in mind,

The lifeblood of a website is good quality articles. When you go to the market to find good quality products, so does Google. Just as you pick the best of the best, Google also monetizes good sites quickly. A site without content has no value. This low value issue can only be overcome if the content of your site is good. If you previously received a low value issue, delete all previous posts. Restart everything. Thanks.[INCREASE GOOGLE ADSENSE CPC]