How to Earn Money by Writing a Blog at Home

How to Earn Money by Writing a Blog at Home?

If you want to earn some money by blogging at home, then today’s article is for you. Also if you want to start a good career on the blog, this article is much more important for you because today I will share with you the answers to some technical questions. So today I will share with you the answers to six questions.

Can I Make Money From a Blog?

See, you can earn unlimited money from blogs, because by writing blogs, you will not only earn money from Google Adsense. Without Google Adsense, you can earn income by writing products from sponsors, affiliates, events. And that amount can be unlimited, if you are a high level professional and want to start a good career on the blog.

We, 90% of the people, know that the blog we write and the ads that Google will show on that blog site, we get money from the ads. In other words, we can earn money only from adsense (google adsense), but this is not really the case. If you rely only on Adsense then I would say 50 to 2 lakh rupees a month easily you can earn 7-8 hours a day working.

How You Get Money From Google

When you are creating a blog account, you will see the payment written in one place of the blog account. When you click on the payment, you will see that the AdSense account is asking you to approve but you have to give your details in the AdSense account – your name, your date of birth, your bank account details. After giving it, Google AdSense will send a verification code letter to your address. The letter will contain a pin code. If you input that pin code into AdSense, your AdSense

The account will be approved and the money will be credited to your bank account between 25-02 of each month. And that should be more than 100. Because if it is below ড 100, Google will not pay you, it will remain in Google’s account. You will not receive payment until you have 100. That means you will get money from Google through your bank account.

Writing Blog on a Topic Base

I would say you can blog on any topic. If you want, you can write poems, short stories, about yourself, about sports, about news, about politics. However, every time there is a trending news, such as the current trending news corona virus, so every time there is a trending news.

If you write a blog on any trending news then your blog will reach a lot more people. Because the more trending news, the more searches on Google, and the more searches, the more people are reading your blog, the more people are reading and the faster you are becoming popular.

How to Reach More People

This is a very cool and intelligent question. See the blog you are writing, the title of the blog you are writing should be very good, the vision is good so that people are forced to read the blog when they see that title, write the title in this way. Then you will put the image in the blog. Now you have to use the related photo of the type of blog you are writing. Then your blog will have some keywords that will do the job of SEO.

SEO is search engine optimization, when we search anything on Google, the keyword that we search with the keyword that the blog is in front of the blog. In other words, if you are writing a short story, then you should use some key words in the story that are searched in Google, but keep this in mind. Always use some keywords in your blog that will work for SEO. If you can maintain these things properly, your blog will reach more people.

Type of Writing Blog

You can write a variety of articles from a blog account. You can write short stories, from how thick to how
You can write about being thin, you can write about politics, you can write about the present time. Also, if you want to write something of your own, you can write about that subject in your mind. There is no problem to write from an account. If you write from an account, you will get the most profit.

Google Ads

I will say one thing here, usually after posting 10, Google approves your AdSense. So I would say after writing ten blogs, try it once, if not, write 2-3 more. So this was the topic of my discussion today, if you like your article and find it useful, please share the link. More people can learn.

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