How to do SEO on Facebook Page?

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If you want you can do SEO of your Facebook business. And if you do SEO of your Facebook page, then when someone searches for your Facebook business page name on Google or Facebook, then who will find your Facebook page. Today I will share with you 5 Face’book p’age SEO tips. So let’s get started.

Why do SEO on your Facebook business page? One of the reasons for this – let’s say someone did a Google search for your Facebook business page name. If you optimize your page well then they will be able to see your website as well as your Facebook page.

In the same way, if someone goes to Facebook and searches by typing your Facebook business page, then by searching for any keyword related to your business, then Facebook will show your business page. So the first of the 5 tips is the tips.

Choosing a Good Name

You first have to choose the best name. So that people search that related thing on Google or Facebook. In that case you have to keep one thing in mind if your business is much more popular. If you have a business brand, then it is better to name your brand and Facebook page.

Everyone knows that more or less. And if you start a totally new business or open a new business page for your business then it would be best to choose a key word rich choice. If you start a restaurant business, it would be best if you have a restaurant with the name of your page.

URL Claim

By vanity URL we mean a username or an address that we have on Facebook, such as This name does not exist when we create Facebook. After we create the page, an option is given for the username. From where we can change the username. So when we change the username, we have to remember that it should be a business name or if you don’t want to give the business, you can search for a good quality keyword.

Using Keywords in  About Section

You use keywords in the About section on your Facebook page and in the sort description. Write this short description with your business related keywords in such a way. So that people search for these related keywords on Facebook or Google. In that case if you can optimize with related keywords then you can easily rank your page.

Creating Backlinks

When you have created the page. Optimizing pages. Name and Vanity URL, wrote a short description and optimized your page. Then the thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to create some backlinks. These backlinks can be from the website.

If your business has a website, you can make a link to your Facebook page from there. Also, if you have a YouTube channel, you can back up your link from there. If you have other social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram then you can link up with your Facebook page. This will help you rank your Facebook page.

Giving Regular Status Updates

If you have 10-15 likes on your Facebook business page, then you should update one post every day. You can post an image, a video or something in written form related to your page.

Because if you don’t create a post on your Facebook business page, Facebook will unpublish it after a few days. In most cases we see that after creating a page and then not giving any post update in 2 months then that page will not come in the ranking.

Facebook ranks those pages that have more engagement on those pages. The pages that are being posted are regular. So if you want to take advantage of Facebook or you want to generate your business. Then you should post on your page at least once a day.

Page Optimization

Many of us create pages on Facebook and after creating a page we forget about page optimization or page link up or status update or we don’t. If you want to do Facebook marketing if you want to generate sales.

In that case you should link the page after creating the page, page optimization, page SEO. Then if you continue to grow pages organically, then if you do advertising, it will have a more positive impact for your business.

So this was today’s discussion. I hope you like it. You have learned something and if so, why is it so late to share the link now. And if you have any opinion, write in the comment box.

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