How To Build A Career In Electrical Engineering


Power is the main necessity for taking care of gadgets including PCs. Likewise, the utilization of power has gotten variety human existence. Electrical engineering works energetically to outfit this variety securely and productively.

Considering this, the Bangladesh Board of Technical Education has presented” Evidence in-Electrical Technology” under the 4- time Engineering Diploma Course.

Job Field

  • Qualified for the post of Deputy Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in every one of the Ministries, Departments, and Offices of the Government as a Gazetted Officer of Class II.
  • Will fit the bill for work as Junior Instructor (Electrical) in existing Government and Absorption Polytechnic Institutes.
  • Will be able to land a position as Junior Instructor (Electrical) in Vocational Schools.
  • Actually want to find one more calling as a planner in something electrical making affiliation.
  • Will be able to get work in the Ministry of Energy and Power dependent on need in the post of Deputy Assistant Engineer (Electrical).
  • Qualified for the post of Deputy Assistant Engineer (Electrical) in private force-producing hydropower plants and rustic force organizations.
  • All the requirements will meet to find another job abroad for more huge compensation.

Areas of Self-Employment

  • Have the option to set up and oversee electrical items business.
  • The Ministry of Power and Energy will actually want to run different government and non-government contracting organizations including country power organizations.
  • Can work actually as an assistant engineer.
  • Have the option to set up its own force plant.
  • Can import and commodity electrical items.
  • Will actually want to set up industrial facilities for making electrical items.
  • Have the option to set up and run preparing focuses identified with electrical training.

Field of Higher Education

Upon effective culmination of the 4-year course, the Bangladesh Technical Education Board will give a declaration. There is a chance to get advanced education through the said endorsement. [MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SKILL]

  • Qualified to acquire BSc-in-Engineer certificate from existing designing colleges in the country.
  • Will be qualified to get BSc-in-Engineer certification from different private colleges.
  • Accomplish AMIE Degree (BSc-in-Engineer same) directed by the Institute of Engineers, Ramna, Dhaka.
  • Can get a more serious level from any college/organization abroad.
  • Qualification to turn into an individual from IDEB.

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