Easy Way to Get Google Adsense Approval

Bloggers from all walks of life try to get Google Adsense, but not everyone succeeds. To earn money from Google AdSense by blogging, you must first approve Google AdSense. That’s why you need to know how to get Google Adsense first. Otherwise, AdSense will not be approved despite repeated requests.

We’ve already shared a detailed post on our blog about what Google AdSense is and how it works. We also shared a post on how to create a Google AdSense account. So read the two posts to know more about Google AdSense and to create an AdSense account.

We know that AdSense is the largest online-based advertising company. All kinds of bloggers and article writers want to make money online using AdSense on their blogs for the high clickthrough rate of their ads and more special benefits. However, due to the ignorance of most bloggers, Google failed to approve AdSense.

But if you follow a few tips and try patiently, you can easily approve Google AdSense in a few days. We will discuss in detail what to do before and after applying for AdSense to get Google AdSense. If you read today’s post, you will know the details about how to get AdSense.

What to do Before Applying for AdSense?

Most of the people who blog do not understand anything and publish a few posts on the blog and create a Google Adsense account and apply for AdSense. But after applying, the application is rejected again and again. If you apply for AdSense after following the tips below, you will get AdSense easily.

Custom Domain

Domains are very important for getting AdSense. Most new bloggers apply for Google AdSense Power using sub-domains (Blogspot.com) on their blogs. As a result, Google directly rejected their application. There was a time when AdSense could be easily approved with a sub-domain, but recently it has become very difficult. So to make it easier, you need to buy a good custom domain first.

Age of the Blog

The age of the blog is another important factor in getting AdSense. Your domain must be at least 2/3 months old before you can apply for AdSense. However, it is best to apply for AdSense after the domain is 6 months old. In addition, there are a number of countries in Asia that do not have the opportunity to apply for AdSense until the blog is 6 months old.

Blog Design

The theme of the blog must be User Friendly and interesting to look at. So that readers can easily read blog articles from any type or size of the device. Moreover, the loading speed of your blog must be good. Otherwise, you will not get the expected visitors in the Slow Speed blog in any way. This will prevent you from getting AdSense. [WORDPRESS]

Search Engine Friendly Blog

The theme of your blog and every post should be search engine friendly. This will help any blog get AdSense approval quickly. In addition, Google Adsense has a robot, which will scan your blog. In this case, if every post on the blog does not search engine friendly, AdSense will not approve. Then you must focus on on-page SEO. [START SEO]

Enough Articles

One thing to keep in mind is that blog articles are at the root of everything. The better the content on your blog, the more visitors you will get. So you have to share good quality content regularly. You must have at least 20/25 good quality unique posts on your blog before applying for Google AdSense. There should be at least 5 posts in each category of the blog. [MAKE MONEY BY BLOG WRITING]

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Enough Content in Each Post

Each post must have a certain amount of writing. You can’t expect to get Google Adsense just by posting 20/25 posts. Google Bot will also find out how much is written in each post before you approve AdSense. Each post must contain a minimum of 500/600 good quality words.

Some Important Pages

There are some important pages for the blog such as About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us pages that must be kept. A few years ago, the Google AdSense Team made it a rule that every blog must have a Privacy Policy page. Of course, it is better to keep the rest of the pages as well.

Personal Information 

You must use your name, age, and email address on your Google Account and Contact Us page. This will allow the Google AdSense team to easily confirm your name, age, and email address when reviewing your application. In addition, you must be 18 years old to apply for Google AdSense.

Visitors From Search Engines

Getting visitors from search engines makes it even easier to get Google AdSense for blogs. Because Google prefers blogs that get visitors from Google search engine. So in order to get visitors from search engines, you have to follow SEO well. If your blog has fewer visitors then you can’t expect to get AdSense. If you have at least 200/300 unique visitors to the blog every day, it is easy to get Google Adsense.

Not Giving Other Ads

If you use any other type of PPC ad on your blog, you need to remove it before applying for Google AdSense. Otherwise, Google will not allow AdSense on your blog. Because Google AdSense does not like to show any other type of ads besides theirs. However, you can use other ads after AdSense is approved.

Ways to Get Google Adsense

After filling up all the above conditions, you can apply for Google AdSense. But in this case, you need to follow some more tips. Then you can easily get Google AdSense approval.

Writing New Content Everyday

This will make any blog more acceptable to search engines. Search engine robots are always ready to index new articles. Whenever a blog gets good quality new content, it accepts it. If you only post 3/4 of the month on the blog, then your blog will not be able to attract the attention of search robots at all.

As a result, it will be seen that 3/4 posts you are sharing in a month will not be indexed. And if the content of the blog is not indexed, the number of visitors will come to almost zero quotas. Declining visitors to the blog means giving up hope of getting Google AdSense approval. [INCREASE GOOGLE ADSENSE CPC]

Good Quality Content

I often advise everyone to share good quality unique content on the blog all the time. Because the easy and main way to get visitors to the blog is good quality content. When you share new and good quality content on your blog, this content will bring unique VG to your blog.

And when visitors read your blog and get good content, they will read more content of the blog and they will visit your blog again. You should completely refrain from copying content from other people’s blogs. You will never be able to approve Google AdSense with copied content. [PROFESSIONAL CONTENT WRITING]

Writing SEO Friendly Posts

No matter what type of content you write on your blog, the article must be SEO Friendly. An SEO-friendly post means a lot of things. For example, writing the title of the post well, sharing good content inside the post, spelling correctly, giving Alt tags to the images inside the post, description of the meta tags of each post, etc.

When you follow all these things well, search engines will be able to easily understand the language of each post on your blog. This will also make your blog acceptable to search engines. And to be good to search engines means to have easy access to Google Adsense.

Unique Visitor

Every time new visitors come to your blog, the blog will be known to everyone. At the same time, search engines will continue to be clear about the content of your blog. There are many things inside Unique Visitor.

For example, if someone visits your blog but leaves without finding a good topic, then the Google search engine will not consider such visitors as unique visitors. The more time you can keep new visitors to your blog, the more unique visitors to your blog will grow. Unique visitors play an important role in getting Google Adsense.

Follow the AdSense Policy

In addition, Google Adsense has a number of rules. There are many bloggers who have never read the Google Adsense policy. But they are applying for Google Adsense in time. You must read the AdSense policy before applying for Google AdSense.

After reading the policy, if you think that your blog has complied with the full rules of AdSense, then apply for AdSense. Otherwise, you will refrain from applying for Google Adsense. Correct the issues that do not match the rules of AdSense and apply a few more days later if necessary.

Reasons Why AdSense is not Approved

There are a lot of good bloggers these days who are frustrated with not being able to apply for Google AdSense again and again. Some people are trying and failing while others are not able to accept failure at all. I am sharing 10 main reasons for those who are not getting Adsense even after applying again and again. These will definitely help you to correct the mistakes in your blog.

Blog Age is Low

Your blog/website must be at least 6 months old before you can apply for Google AdSense. In particular, it is not possible to apply from anywhere in Asia until the blog is 6 months old. So you should apply for Adsense after the blog is 6 months old.

Adequate Content

Content is the lifeblood of running a blog. The better the content on your blog, the more visitors you will get. Before applying for AdSense, you need to have at least 20/25 good-quality unique posts on your blog. There should be at least 5 posts in each category of the blog. Because the Adsense authorities will check your blog before approving it to see if the blog has enough content. [FIX LOW-VALUE CONTENT]

Lack of Quality Content

Not only sound content but his alertness and dedication to are most required. Before you start blogging, if you think that in the future your blog will earn money online using Google AdSense, then you must start writing about topics that are valuable to all types of readers, including search engines. When your blog has good content, then the blog will be acceptable to everyone.

Lack of Unique Content

This is one of the most common and important issues in blogging and getting Google AdSense. No one wants to understand or be able to understand the inner meaning of this subject. It is not clear to many that what is actually unique content? Most people think that unless they use content copied from someone else’s blog, it becomes unique content.

Basically, the full meaning of the matter is not being done in this way. But yes, you must refrain from copying every post on your blog from other people’s blogs. Unique content means that the content does not match with anyone else. Now you may say that since I have not copied anyone’s content, this is what is happening. For this, I am making the matter clearer through examples.

Suppose you are blogging about Hindi movie reviews. In this case, you described a full review of the movie “Dilwale” in your own language. Then you will say that it is unique content written in your own language, but you may not know that before this, the director of the movie “Dilwale” gave a full review on this subject in their official blog.

In this case, your content can not be unique in any way. Here their official review will be unique and most acceptable to everyone. In this way, the same meaning will stand for each subject. Unique means only that which does not match with anyone in any way. If you can share 20/25 unique content, then the AdSense account must be approved.