Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Career

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Career

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering Career Higher education is a professional responsibility. The wonderful discovery in the development of civilization. People have been interested in computers since the beginning. At present Computer Science and Engineering is the top priority for the students. The thing that is very useful to read CSE is Creativity, Passion, Leadership Quality because always keep in mind that CSE is a little different than any other subject.

Career higher education is a professional responsibility

Currently, there is no sector that is not being computerized, and wherever there is a computerized system, there is CSE! This is a subject which is seen more in merit than a certificate, no matter where you pass from, no matter how many times you pass the exam, the only thing you can do is varsity, college is not very useful. So wherever you read CSE is not a problem, the main thing is what you can do. The CSE job sector is advancing the fastest in the world. Computer science and engineering are at the forefront in the developed countries of the world as well as in developing countries like Bangladesh.

Diploma Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science and engineering is the study of computers and computing, as well as their theoretical and practical applications. It applies the principles of reasoning to functions including mathematics, engineering, algorithm formulas, software and hardware development, and artificial intelligence. In other words, the study and research related to computers are Computer Science and Engineering, which is called CSE for short. It is not a matter of memorizing and passing the structured syllabus at the university. It is a matter of understanding and solving problems with full attention. If you want to read CSE, you have to have 3 skills.

1. Mathematical skills.
2. Innovative thinking to do something new.
3. Passion and patience to program.

Without patience, it will be difficult to do well in computer science and engineering subjects. Because there are issues like problem-solving and coding. These are very important and vital which cannot be avoided.

Computer Science and Engineering Career

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) or Computer and Information Technology or Computer Science. At present, it is very difficult to get admission in comp-uter science. No one is unemployed after studying computer sc-ience. The subject of this subject is different techniques of making software, techniques of making computers,s and various computer-controlled devices.
Also, various techniques of automation, different steps, and techniques of communication are taught in computer science.

Where to do Diploma Computer Science and Engineering

Some of the universities in Bangladesh have created favorable conditions for studying engineering. There are as many private universities in Bangladesh; Institutions of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) are recognized by the CSE department of a few of these institutions.

  • North-South University
    Phone: 852000,
    Website: www.northsouth.edu
  • BRAC University
    Phone: 724051-4,
    Website: www.BRAC university.ac.bd
  • American International University, Bangladesh (AIUB)
    Phone: 989636, 9894229
    Website: www.aiub.edu
  • East-West University
    Phone: 982308,
    Website: www.ewubd.edu
  • United International University (UIU)
    Phone: 9125912-8,
    Website: www.uiu.ac.bd.
  • University of Asia Pacific
    Phone: 984952,
    Website: www.uap-bd.edu
  • Daffodil International University
    Phone: 9136234-5
  • Green University of Bangladesh
    Phone: 01757064301, 01757064302
    01757064303, 01757064304
    Website: www.green.edu.bd
  • Stamford University
    Phone: 815317-69,
    Website: www.stamforduniversity.edu.bd
  • University of Liberal Arts (ULAB)
    Phone: 98-1301, 01714171713
    Website: www.ulab.edu.bd

Eligibility for admission

To be admitted to the four-year BSc Engineering course, a student must have studied science. Those who have passed SSC and HSC from the science department can apply for admission in this department. However, the eligibility for admission and other rules are different in different universities. So one has to know the details of admission to the university of one’s choice. The most important thing to study in computer science and engineering is-

  • Mathematical skills
  • Logical operation
  • Electronics
  • Hard work

BSc Computer Science and Engineering

Almost all the public universities of Bangladesh – Dhaka, Rajshahi, Jahangirnagar, Chittagong University, BUET, etc.
And almost all the science and engineering universities of the country like- (RUET, DUET, KUET, CUET), Sylhet Technology and Engineering, Patuakhali Science and Technology, Tangail Science and Technology University can be admitted. In addition, Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering or Computer & Information Technology are taught as subjects in the private universities of the country.

In addition, Rajshahi University affiliated colleges in different 4 years B. S-C Engineering is taught. Whose certificate is issued by Rajshahi University? Notable among these are Rangpur Engineering College, Pabna Engineering College, TMSS Engineering College, etc.
However, it is taught in almost all parts of the world outside the country. At present many students from Bangladesh are going to Canada, China, and Malaysia for higher studies.

Workplace for Computer Science and Engineers

At present, the government is placing special emphasis on building more new entrepreneurs in the country. There is also an opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur if you study computer science and engineering. Those who aim to get government jobs will get job opportunities in various state-owned companies (such as BHEL, BSNL, HPCL) and Indian Railways through the GATE exam. Banks also have a lot of job opportunities.