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See if it matches you. I think I will start an online business, I need an online identity for the business. Again I thought I would create a blog online with good career pride. He thought about all this and left to buy domain hosting. The hosting company of such and such brother is offering to host for 1000-1500 rupees with domain free for one year, what else does it take. Is that so?

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So you started thinking about all this, handshaking with such and such a brother became your website. Now you both have a brother and a website. After a few days, the trouble started. Today is the hack, tomorrow the file is not available, and the day after tomorrow the server is slow. Seeing all this, you are on fire, but many things you did not know, maybe you were unknown. There were some hidden conditions, maybe there are some things that you can’t move your server or get a domain anywhere else.

Main Discussion

If you have been a victim of the articles you have read so far, then today’s article is for you. Or if you are not facing such a problem now, it means you will buy a domain hosting now. This article is for you if you want to know the things that will make the website in front. So let’s move on to the main discussion. The topics I will discuss with you today are the things you need to know before buying domain hosting.

A lot of times we think, I bought hosting from someone and I’m safe now. So that’s not really the case. A combination of two things is a website “domain and hosting”.

We bought hosting when we created the new website. It has been seen that a domain with hosting is free for one year or many times both are being given to us at a much lower price. So we don’t have to worry about the three cheapest situations. And many times later it is seen that we are not liking the hosting. Apparently, they had some hidden conditions that we didn’t know about.

Online Identity

What happens next is that we want to change the hosting. And every time we change, we see that there is a problem, that is, we don’t get our domain or we can’t move our domain. So for those who don’t understand a lot, they will explain seven or five things and say that this is the problem with your website. That said, they will keep it on their hosting and not give you a domain.

One thing to remember is that your online website or your online identity is the most important thing in your domain. That is the domain’s control panel. And you have control over the domain but you need to know that. Many of us who buy hosting or build websites don’t know this, which means that our domain controllers do not give us separate domain controls.

Suppose you don’t like your domain service. For example, many people do not give privacy protection for free or even if they do, they take a lot of money. Again, many domains provide separate support that many domain providers do not. So for some reason, you don’t want to keep it, you just transfer it to someone else. So if you do not have the control panel of the domain, then you can not transfer the domain.

Domain Move

You can change the web host one by one if you want, but if you do not have the control panel of the domain in your hands, you can never say the site is your own. You can’t move anywhere you want. Always remember that when you buy a domain and web hosting, on the first day you will collect the control panel of your domain from them. So that the power is in your hands. So you can move your domain to any hosting whenever you want.

Many will say that you do not need the control panel of your domain, you can change all the information of the domain from the hosting C panel. But you won’t hear that, when you buy domain hosting you will take the power of two separate control panels in your hands. And those who give this package that if you buy this bundle of mine you will get this domain for free. I do not normally support their service unless it is a pet project of yours.

Control Panel

You buy it separately. The price of the domain is not more than 800-1000 takas maximum and you will get a separate control panel of the domain, a separate control panel of the web hosting. So those who will provide you two, then it is not a good problem, they have no bad intentions and it would be better to do business with them.

So today was my domain hosting the discussion. I hope you understand that you are in the control panel of the domain i.e. the domain from which you will control. With that panel, you can transfer the domain from one place to another as you wish.

As well as hosting you can change one every day if you want, you will also need the control panel. So collect these two control panels whenever you do a website and buy domain hosting. If you like the article and have learned something new, share it now without delay and if you have any comments, don’t forget to write in the comment box.