8 Mistakes Avoid in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

8 Mistakes Avoid in Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Blogging is a writing profession, if you like writing, you can work in the blogging industry. But 90% of people fail in this blogging and affiliate marketing industry because of some common mistakes. Today I will discuss 6 such mistakes. . If you avoid the mistakes, you will see a good development in your blogging career. So let’s move on to the main discussion.

Thinking of Earning Income From Beginning

See, if we go to get a good job, we have to study for 20-25 years, then we can expect a good job, just blogging. You can’t generate revenue from day one. You have to publish articles on your specific topic for a certain period of time, then one time you will definitely generate revenue from your blog.

One thing you will notice about every website you visit is that ads from various companies including Google Adsense are displayed nearby from which the revenue of those website owners is being generated. They didn’t develop them overnight. Every time they published different types of content, their website started getting traffic, and they started generating revenue. So you will continue to publish articles on your blog, and you have to be patient.

Join Additional Affiliate Programs

Do not join additional affiliate programs. Join one of the two best marketplaces related to the topic of your blog. You can join multiple companies with your affiliate program, no problem. The biggest marketplaces are – Ali Express, Amazon, Theme Forest, these and more. There are many large companies that have affiliate partners.

But you will join a maximum of two or three affiliate programs related to your blog. Instead of joining additional affiliate programs, but joining two good quality marketplaces, you will be able to generate good quality revenue from them and see the best results.

Apply for Affiliate Programs Without Content

Many apply for affiliate programs without any content, which in most cases leads to their rejection.
Before hiring an affiliate partner, a company wants to see what kind of content or article you are publishing on your website. Or if you have a YouTube channel you are publishing a video on a topic. After reviewing them, they approve the account. So before joining the affiliate program, you must publish the article on your website.

There is no set number for how many articles you will apply after publishing. Again, blogging is a writing profession. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This company is all set to give you Google Adsense Approval, Affiliate Program Partnership, you just need to publish consistently good quality content.

So be sure to keep this in mind, be it your YouTube channel or your website before you publish the content. Then those are always available to apply. By doing this, your application will be approved in one chance. So this mistake must be avoided, do not apply for affiliate programs without content.

Copy Paste Affiliate Program Wherever

Where affiliate links are copied and pasted, for example, come to the description of the video and paste the link, go to the comment section of different websites and paste the link. Pasting affiliate program links in various places on Facebook, these are not actually called affiliate marketing. These are called spamming. And many e-accounts are suspended due to spam. So you must refrain from this mistake. Do not copy and paste the link of the affiliate program wherever.

That way you can never do anything good in the affiliate industry. You write the content and put the affiliate link there, create the video and give the link of the affiliate program below that video. But do not paste the links of the affiliate program in the comment section below someone’s video or in the comment section of someone else’s post on Facebook. This will result in spamming and at some point the company will suspend your account.

Direct Promotion Affiliate Links

It can’t be done. Amazon, Ali Express, Theme Forest are all big companies. If you directly boost the product link of this company through Facebook, you boost it through Google AdWords, then your account will be suspended. You can write content on your website. And there you can give with affiliate link. There is no problem that you can boost the link of your website.

But if you directly boost the link of Amazon or the link of Theme Forest on Facebook, if you boost it through Google AdWords, your account will be suspended. These companies do not allow it. The link to So Market Place is direct Refrain from promoting.

Properly not Analyze Visitors

When traffic starts coming to your website, you must analyze the data of your traffic or visitors. How old are these visitors? How many boys and girls are visiting? You need to analyze which countries you are visiting. So that you can prepare the next content based on this information. The best tool for analyzing data is Google Analytics. It is a free analytics tool from Google.

When you connect Google Analytics to your website, you can see what kind of visitors are coming to your website, how old they are, what kind of device they are using, smartphone desktop or laptop, how many visitors are boys, how many visitors are girls. . And if you analyze these data carefully, you will be able to decide later on which topic the next content would be better.

Don’t worry, if you don’t understand these things now, when the traffic starts coming to your web site, you will do the analysis through Google Analytics and gradually you will understand how to use this analytics tool. So you will analyze the traffic or visitors of your website in a good way.

Using Additional Banners or Ads

There are many websites, if you visit, you will see AIDS and AIDS all around. Clicking on one opens the other. These are very annoying things. So refrain from using such extra banners or ads. Because no one likes e-advertising, think about yourself. You look at advertising but don’t see any content.

Advertisement None of us like e. But you have to look at advertising but there should be a limit. If it’s extra, no one will like it. So don’t use extra advertisements in your content. According to the rules of AdSense, you can place a maximum of three banner ads on a page. No more than three can be done, it will break the policy, there will be a chance to ban AdSense.

Your website traffic or visitors will come to read your content. Will not come to see the advertisement. You put ads around your website in the hope of making extra profit. By doing this, the visitors will not be annoyed and will not want to visit your site anymore.

Not Learning from Feedback

When visitors come to your website, there will be different types of comments at the bottom of your content and each person will comment on them in different ways. You have to learn different types of topics from those comments. Understand very carefully what they are saying. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

So you will try to learn different things from the feedback of the traffic or visitors that will come to your website. And publish more new content depending on them. This will build a trust, an authority for your website visitors. So dear reader these were some common mistakes that almost everyone makes. I hope you will avoid these mistakes.

So this was the topic of my discussion today, if you like your writing and find it useful, share the link so that more people can learn.

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