7 Great Ways to Make Money from WordPress

7 Great Ways to Make Money from WordPress

One of the most common things that are said about WordPress is that if you don’t know to code, you can’t make money from WordPress. Instead of listening to people, we read today’s discussion from beginning to end. In today’s discussion, I will tell you how to earn money from WordPress. So let’s get started with 7 Great Ways to Make Money from WordPress. The first is –

Theme Development

If you are a theme developer, it means not a little bit of medium knowledge but if you have a good quality idea about WordPress then you can develop your themes and submit those themes to different marketplaces for sale. You will get a percentage every time your theme is sold from that marketplace. Some of these marketplaces are Themeforest, Mojo Marketplace, Creative Market, and many more.

Plugin Development

Plugin development can earn so much money that you can travel to Mars next year if you want. If you don’t believe that we are a local organization that originally developed plugins, you can see that if you go to their site in WordPress, there are a lot of plugins, by selling those plugins, they are only doing business in the domestic or international market. So as a plugin developer you can start working.

Open Consulting Service

If you have a good idea about WordPress themes, WordPress plugins then you can start your career as a consulting service provider.

Content Writing

The coding will be with you, not with you, but you have a great hand in English writing and a great idea about WordPress. In that case, you can start your career as a WordPress content writer.

In these cases, there are some marketplaces in which you can get a job as a content writer, such as – pro blogger (ProBlogger), up work (Upwork), people per hour (people per hour) are numerous marketplaces. There are also plenty of software firms in the domestic market that hires WordPress content writers.

Blog Setup Service

Suppose you have no pro-level idea about WordPress (wordpress.com). So what will happen to me Ray, I mean there is no need to cry. You also have the opportunity to work. There are a lot of people who want to set up a WordPress blog site but they have no idea about WordPress. In that case, you can become a witch, which means you can set up their blog.

Here’s what you need to know – install a WordPress (wordpress.org) theme, upload a theme, set up some necessary plugins, and do the speed optimization work. So where do you get this kind of work? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Theme Customization

Theme customization is a straightforward task like water. But good money is available. You will find a lot of people in Bangladesh who are earning lakhs of rupees not just theme development, not plugin development but just theme customization. That’s how it is – theme customization is about being a scholar on other people’s themes.

I mean I didn’t develop the theme but I changed the color in other themes, I changed the code a bit, I optimized the speed, I satisfied the client by doing different things. And the client gave me a payment. I mean the work is very straightforward but there is a lot of money available.

Starting a Blog

Everything you want to develop – themes you want to develop, plugins you want to develop, themes you want to customize, and more. But it is very important that you have a blog. Because very good quality money can be earned from there and self-branding is going to be done.

How is that? Suppose you have a blog site and there you put your work portfolio with a portfolio of what you can do. In addition, you present the reviews of your clients with who you have already worked.

Regular visitors will start coming to your site and visitors will become your clients at some point. You can also put affiliate links to different products on your blog. You can also earn a good amount of money by doing advertisement shows and reviewing the products of the sponsors. This is the state of income with WordPress.

This was today’s discussion. I hope you like it. You have learned and learned something and if so, why is it so late to share the link now. And if you have any opinion, write in the comment box.